Published on 10/15/2016 7:34 am
Download 16B Form Online from TRACES Website

Form 16B that is certainly a TDC certificate reflects the quantity that is subtracted as TDS on property that's been deposited from the client with all the revenue enhancement Department. Customer needs to deduct TDS on property during the time of sale on the immoveable property. The TDS is subtracted at hundred and twenty fifth from the amount that the client needs to pay owner. That quantity will be to be deposited together with the revenue enhancement Department.

After the amount has been deposited together with the revenue enhancement Department the buyer can have got to issue type16B to your vendor. This can be a signal from the TDS being subtracted within the property which it's deposited with all the govt. Type sixteen is TDS certificate for your TDS subtracted from pay, type 16A is TDS certificate to the TDS subtracted all alternative models of incomtax payments; type 16B is TDS certificate for your TDS being subtracted about the sale of property.

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Form 16B could possibly be downloaded from TRACES website. Once the customer furnishes the agreement in type 26QB and deposits the TDS, they will be capable to transfer type 16B on-line. This fashion is to incline to the buyer. The procedure for downloading the contour is as follows:

• Log on to TRACES.
• If you're a primary time accessory in the web site, then you definitely ought to register associate account and furnish each of the desired details.
• The details you have submitted are then valid simply login account are set up.
• Username is the PAN variety and you'll be capable of opt for your secret of one's selection.
• Activation link are provided for your personal mailbox and you could get a code in your mobile variety in order to activate the account.
• After the account is created, you'll be in a position to access the transfer section and transfer the form 16B for emptor.
• The assessment year, PAN variety and acknowledgement variety with the vendor needs being outfitted.
• After those are submitted, type 16B is done offered inside Downloads section.
• The type is written and signed so it's for being delivered to the customer.

The buyer will even access the agreement of TDS subtracted through the design 26AS. Type 26AS could be consolidated statement in the whole TDS subtracted which incorporates details that area unit mirrored in type sixteen, type 16A and type 16B.

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